What are National Standards?

National Standards were initiated in by the National Government in 2009 to record the performance of schools offering years 1-8.

The national standards record 3 categories of student ability; Literacy, Mathematics and Reading, with all students being rated as above standard, at standard, below standard or well below standard.

In 2017, the Labour Government removed the requirement of schools to conduct national standards attainment surveying, making the last complete year of data 2016.

School Directory NZ Policy on National Standards

School Directory NZ will continue to show the 2016 National Standards data as a performance measure for schools until either; there is a new system of measuring school performance, or until national standards are brought back in.

What is the New Zealand school decile system?

Deciles are ratings from 1 to 10 that determine some of a schools' funding. Schools with lower deciles have more students from low socio-economic communities and receive more funding.

The 10% of schools with the highest percentage of students from low socio-economic communities receive decile 1, the next 10% receiving decile 2, and so on. A decile 10 school will have the lowest percentage of these students.

The socio-economic indicators of a community:

  • Percentage of households with income in the lowest 20% nationally
  • Percentage of employed parents in the lowest skill level occupational groups
  • Household crowding
  • Percentage of parents with no educational qualifications
  • Percentage of parents receiving income support benefits
  • The decile score is not determined by the community that the school is in but rather by the communities in which the students live. For this reason two nearby schools can have very different decile ratings if they draw students from different areas.

    The decile rating is not a measure of educational outcomes at a school. It is used to determine some of the operational and resource funding that a school receives from the government. It is not a good indicator of a schools overall funding as schools receive funding from many other sources.

    A map of Central Auckland schools coloured by their decile score, 2018.